Flexible support programmes focused on patient needs

According to the Aston Medication Adherence Study, one in three patients do not take their prescribed medicines properly. Why? Largely because they’re wary of potential side-effects and they have a poor understanding of how to take them. But as well as putting patients’ health at risk, this amount of non-adherence costs the NHS a massive estimated £500 million every year.

Here at Celesio UK, we believe the way forward is in flexible programmes that are personalised to meet the needs of individuals, from improving knowledge of conditions and helping people to remember when to take medication, to remote patient monitoring services for improved quality of life.

Measures of success:

  • Outcomes from our patient support programmes
  • Patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Data that supports benefit assessment
  • Improved brand equity (product efficacy, patient loyalty, prescriber confidence)
  • Brand or condition/therapy focused programmes are deployed quickly
  • Leveraging scale to minimise risk and start-up costs with per patient billing (enrolled patients only)
  • More than a decade of providing condition and patient support services – more than seven million interventions.