People are living longer, and that’s having a significant impact on care homes

Over the next 30 years alone, the number of care home residents is expected to double. That means efficiency, standards of patient care as well as safer ways of working are becoming a priority for most care home managers.

Celesio UK has developed a system, LloydsPharmacy CareFirst, that helps support care home managers meet CQC standards and provide the best possible patient care. This system includes the electronic medicines administration record (eMAR).

LloydsPharmacy CareFirst: supporting better patient care and maximum bed occupancy, leading to happier healthier patients.

eMAR uses electronic records stored on a tablet computer. That way, care teams can spend less time on admin. There’s no need to fill in forms, so there’s more time for patients. LloydsPharmacy CareFirst produces management reports, offers remote access to patient data and helps to simplify the prescription process through to delivering medication:

  • Right time
  • Right person
  • Right dose
  • Right drug
  • Right quantity.

Better patient care

  • We help care homes meet CQC and Scottish Regulatory Authority requirements
  • Medicines mismanagement is reduced
  • Less time is spent on administration leaving more time for patients
  • Online patient record system allows instant access to patient records off site and at any time
  • Patient record system may help reduce adverse drug reactions
  • Online training is provided free of charge to make the process smooth and informed at all times.