Where health data is concerned, we’re aiming to be second to none.

So what do we do? We gather information created about patients on every step of their health journey. This means we can tell if they are one of the third of patients not taking their medicines as prescribed, identify other potential treatments, and reduce medicines waste.

We’re proud of our state-of-the-art information processing system that handles millions of patient records. And because we link in to other health systems as well as using our own professionally analysed data, the impact on patients is even more positive.

When it comes to data, we never get complacent. In fact, we’re not content with doing a competent job. Instead, our ambition is to be the leading partner in the use of consent-given and anonymised data to get the best possible health outcomes.

How is our data used?

There are many situations where this type of information may be useful. For instance, pharmacists could use it to refer a patient back to their doctor to discuss an alternative treatment. Or it could be useful to a nurse who wants to check that a patient isn’t missing any of their medicines.

Data like this can help manufacturers too. It could be used to help develop and improve new products, as well as provide evidence for Black Triangle removal. Most importantly, it boosts compliance among patients.