Celesio UK is proud to be a member of the hospital family

As the first provider of commissioned outpatient pharmacy services, we support most major hospitals that outsource across the UK. We also understand the huge pressures that hospital teams, both in admin and at the frontline, face on a daily basis.

In fact, we deliver more outsourced services to more hospitals than any other provider.

One provider, one contract

From the delivery of stock to patient discharge, Celesio UK supports all hospitals’ medicines and dispensing needs. Just look at the end-to-end pharmacy supply chain service we’ve helped the NHS to design and deliver.

This service hasn’t just boosted efficiency, it’s also released cash savings in a number of ways such as providing hospital pharmacy services at a lower cost.

Our integrated supply-chain model has a major benefit – a single point of contact for a hospital’s entire pharmacy supply chain.

  • Celesio UK supplies more than half of commissioned pharmacy services to the NHS
  • We have more successful NHS service pilots than any other service provider in our sector
  • We provide market leading free e-commerce tools for hospital customers
  • We support hospitals in delivery of drugs right through to dispensary and home patient care
  • We work with hospital leadership teams to reduce patient wait times to just nine minutes on average
  • We deliver and manage complex secondary care drugs to more than 17,000 patients in their own homes
  • Our managed services free up resources to be re-invested in patient services and care.