Franchise co-operation model for independent pharmacy

Celesio UK operates a three-tier franchise and co-operation model. This means co-operated pharmacies can keep their names and local identities, but at the same time boost business through taking advantage of LloydsPharmacy’s design, category, service and technological expertise.

  • Condition expertise: personalised skin and chronic pain management have earned LloydsPharmacy a reputation as destination status among customers.
  • Category expertise: well-defined ranges reflecting deep understanding of skin and chronic pain – and the patients who need these services.
  • A different experience: a fresh look and feel combined with innovative technology to inspire customers rationally and emotionally every time they visit.
  • People: training and pharmacy management to develop colleagues who care deeply about their customers’ health and inspire optimism in every visit.
  • Procurement and New Product Development: swift to source, swift to market – just some of the benefits of being part of a European Pharmacy Network.
  • Patient loyalty: health-centered loyalty programs to connect prescriptions and front of shop – maximising the health benefits delivered by your pharmacy.
  • Technology: to support price management, stock optimisation and business performance.

Why franchise and co-operation models?

  • Increasing pressure on all players in the pharmaceutical market environment
  • Changes in market regulations
  • Rationalisation measures in pharma / healthcare supply chain
  • Lower margins and shift of revenue sources
  • New / competing sales channels (online etc.)
  • Increasing competition among wholesalers, pharmacy groupings and individual pharmacies.

What do LloydsPharmacy customers say?

  • 73 per cent – Almost three quarters consider LloydsPharmacy better value for money than other pharmacy retail outlets.
  • 84 per cent – More than 84 per cent say they would recommend LloydsPharmacy to others.
  • 1st – LloydsPharmacy has been voted pharmacy of choice for health advice in a 2013 consumer survey.