Always on: recognising consumer choice

Today people have more choice than ever. Buying behaviours have changed and, thanks to mobile technology, access to information has gone through the roof. Our lifestyles have changed too, as all that rushing around at work means time for play has become more precious.

At Celesio UK, we recognise that people want convenience as well as a great experience. Health is personal, but at times it can also be inconvenient. And when it is, people want simple ways of managing it. That’s why we’ve developed platforms that let them fit managing their health with their day-to-day living, including:

  • Innovative, interactive and technology-enabled in-pharmacy retail environments
  • Online retail channels with tailored, high-profile campaign opportunities
  • Online doctor service providing tried-and-trusted access to prescription medication
  • Myhealthcare channel putting people in the driving seat to record, understand and act on their health needs
  • Order-taking options in independent pharmacies for product initiatives
  • Retail promotions and consumer magazines to educate and inspire purchase
  • Tactical press campaigns to support launches and promotional offers
  • Integrated programmes accounting for the entire patient journey across UK pharmacy.