What we do

The healthcare challenge

Better primary care provision reduces avoidable and costly secondary care interventions, but it is far better for patients and the NHS if we can avoid illness arising or manage it at an early stage rather than treat illness after it has occurred.

Going forward it is widely accepted that we need a more integrated approach to healthcare provision than exists today and that is what Celesio UK can help achieve.

This need to reconfigure how healthcare is provided is driven by a number of factors:

  • changing patient needs and expectations;
    • patients have higher expectations about the care they should receive, they want more information and they want more choice and control over the treatments available
  • NHS budget constraints
    • More needs to be achieved with a finite budget
  • increasing demand
    • due to demographic changes and long-term conditions resulting from unhealthy lifestyles

Celesio UK works in partnership with the NHS to help UK patients live longer and healthier lives.