Supporting the product lifecycle

Our innovative, tailored approach supports patients in the use of their medicines and products at each stage of their lifecycle. And that steps up the number of ways manufacturer partners can make the most of their return on investment.

  • Improving outcomes by supporting patients in the use of medicines
  • End to end supply chain expertise combining scale, innovation and flexibility
  • Targeted marketing campaigns to support product launches
  • Extension of brand value at end-of-patent life
  • Better outcomes through trusted and ethical partnerships
  • Delivery to all dispensing points, GP surgeries, hospitals or wherever patients need them
  • Flexible distribution solutions for ambient, controlled-drug, cold-chain and frozen products
  • Live vehicle satellite tracking of entire AAH delivery fleet and live capture of fridge temperatures at the point of every delivery
  • Value-added boosters for each stage of the product lifecycle through customer and patient marketing solutions
  • Informatics and decision support driving patient adherence