Patient focus: informatics

At Celesio UK, our ambition is to support positive living as market leader in the use of data for improving health. But why is informatics so crucial? Because it has a number of welcome benefits:

  • It can help identify solutions that improve people’s health
  • It can spot gaps in treatment, which lead to opportunities to keep people healthy
  • It leads to better patient compliance and adherence, which significantly reduces medicines waste and the 30% of prescriptions that aren’t taken properly*
  • It could help develop new protocols and possible faster removal of Black Triangles
  • It can give people more confidence that their treatment is having a positive impact
  • It can support local health commissioners that want to monitor the success of patient programmes using anonymous aggregated data
  • It allows all patients to be treated as individuals and have their holistic needs met.

* World Health Organization (2003) Adherence to long-term therapies: evidence for action. Geneva: WHO.