Evolution Homecare: changing delivery partner

The decision to switch to a new homecare and critical drugs delivery partner can be a diffi cult one. There is, after all, a real fear of disrupting supplies to patients or burdening specialist clinical staff with added paperwork.

Sylvie Hurst, MS Specialist Nurse based at Kent’s Medway Maritime Hospital, has recently gone through the process. Here she explains why she’s delighted she chose Evolution Homecare:

“One of the things that seemed different when I sat down with Evolution Homecare was that they understood my concerns, and really took them on board,” says Sylvie.

“The patients we spoke with found the patient information packs helpful and informative. And we were delighted at the amount of administration they completed on our behalf.”

Happy Patients.

According to Sylvie, switching to Evolution Homecare has reduced the number of calls she and her team receive from patients. “The facility for them to call a dedicated number manned by a member of the Patient Services Team, and find out where the driver is and when they will deliver, has been a revelation,” she adds.

“The fact that the service calls the patients to confirm details such as forward delivery dates, any notified changes in medication and current stock levels held at home, has also impressed.

“It’s also very reassuring for many patients to see a familiar face at a set time each week.

“The whole process really did go as seamlessly as promised. We knew exactly what was going to happen at every stage, so we were able to answer any questions from the PCT or our patients immediately.

“Our ongoing administration has also been considerably reduced. It feels like we are spending far more of our time nursing than being administrators, which is great for the team here, our patients and the PCT,” concludes Sylvie.