At the heart of the community

We believe people – whoever they are and wherever they live – should get the best possible experience when it comes to accessing health services. So we offer our services to every dispensing point in the UK.

This is no accident. We really believe in being there for patients when we’re needed. And we can be, because we represent the largest number of local pharmacies of any organisation in the UK. Our commitment to local communities doesn’t stop there. As well as being accessible whenever and however, we ensure that those communities are aware of our services including screening, reviews and other treatments. And that can bring big benefits.

But that’s not all. We partner with leading charities and local organisations that support our services. We live by our ethics too, being the first major retailer in the UK to refuse to stock sun protection lower than SPF15.

What’s more we are proactive on environmental issues, so we’re on our way to achieving ISO 14001 for Environmental Management across several key sites, with a full network roll-out underway. In fact we’ve already massively reduced landfill across our own pharmacy and office network from 82% to 31% in just 12 months. But we won’t stop there. Our ambition is for 0% directly to landfill by 2014.

All of this isn’t just talk. We’re committed to our colleague and customer community and we continue to win awards for this.