Innovation process

Initial Evaluation

We have an internal scoring system to evaluate ideas and technologies. This allows all ideas to be viewed objectively and to analyses the strategic fit with our various business units.

We shall feedback within a 4 weeks period on how we wish to progress.



During this feasibility period we shall evaluate all ideas in collaboration with the relevant teams – i.e. category management, condition development teams, retail development teams so that we can get a balanced response from the business.

This will allows the informed response from the business if this is viewed as a success and inevitably further information may be required at this stage.

The feasibility process may take up to 8 weeks post initial evaluation.


Due diligence

If the business experts see a good future for your product within the Celesio UK, a partnership agreement may be entered into and due diligence work will be carried out.

At this stage we start to look at the relationship in much more detail and cover a number of areas, intellectual property, business models, financial forecasts customer insight, regulatory requirements, key milestones and commercial arrangements.

Post due diligence a number of things could happen and we shall assess the most appropriate route –

  • If the product is ready to go our retail development teams will take the lead.
  • If the service is fully developed our Service Development teams will be engaged and take the lead.
  • Further development work may be required and a pilot may be required to test the idea or service as a validation exercise.