Innovation Centre of Excellence

The innovation team is multidisciplinary and comprises scientists, healthcare professionals and marketers all of which have experience in commercialising new innovative ideas.

The company mission includes developing innovative healthcare services and we would encourage all parties exploring an engagement with Celesio that your products, services, technologies are truly innovative and will be able to change our patients’ lives.

So if you believe that you can make the difference to our patients we would be delighted to hear from you and ask that you complete the on line submission form.

Open innovation at Celesio UK
A number of large healthcare companies now adopt the open innovation approach. This essentially opens the door to innovations from all over the world and reduces any barriers to innovation.

Innovation is fundamental to meeting the needs of our customers and is a part of how we keep in touch with their needs . To that extent we are committed to working with individuals, SMEs and larger companies to adopt new ideas that we can embed into our current operating businesses.

In addition we have a clear strategic vision around growth and our interest is not constrained to our current business units but also include opportunities which complement our vision and mission. We would be delighted to discuss partnerships, joint ventures or even acquisitions opportunities with other providers of integrated healthcare services.

We are willing to assist our inventors with the appropriate support which could be market research, introductions to investors, innovation networks and pilot trials. We are keen to develop partnerships with people who believe they have something different and in return we support the business and ease the commercialisation path to success.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for innovation that truly does either meet an unmet medical need or address a health need in a better way than existing approaches. Some challenging areas are highlighted below –

To solve challenging healthcare problems…

  • Over 1 million people have type 2 diabetes but are undiagnosed
  • 500,000 diabetic patients are not getting the screening they need and are at risk of strokes, heart attacks and blindness.
  • Around 2,000 asthma sufferers die each year because they are not using their inhaler properly
  • 40 per cent of GP appointments are for minor ailments which community pharmacies could provide at less cost to the NHS
  • 40-50 per cent of patients are not taking their medicines as directed and 70 per cent of those prescribed statins stop taking their medicine within 12 months of starting leaving them at risk of heart attacks and strokes
  • The number of hospital admissions with an alcohol related diagnosis has more than doubled since 2002 to 1,168,266 admissions in 2010/11
  • The number of admissions to hospital with a primary diagnosis of obesity has risen a staggering amount from 780 in 1997/98 to almost 12,000 in 2010/11
  • Medication errors cost the NHS 500m per year in additional days spent in hospital.

Our expectations are

  • That all innovation is supported by credible research that has been validated by a third party
  • Products and services that are sufficiently mature that could come to market within the 12 – 36 month timeframe
  • All the necessary regulatory approvals have been considered and accurate plans are in place for commercialisation.
Why work with us?
  • A European footprint with thousands of managed and partner pharmacies with exposure to millions of customers per year
  • Expert branding and marketing skills
  • Product development and marketing insight into key customer segments to validate the product need
  • Introductions to investors who we are strategically aligned with Celesio to fast track commercialisation.

In the UK alone –

  • We directly employ over 24,000 people
  • We have a turnover of almost £4 billion
  • Through 1750+ community pharmacies we dispense over 150 million items a year
  • There are around 124 million customer/patient visits to our community pharmacy network each year
  • Our medicines logistics network delivers around 621 million packs of medicines in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner to hospitals, community pharmacies and dispensing GP practices across the UK (as well as to Prisons, the MoD and Mental Health Trusts);