Helping people in their homes

Treating people in hospital is expensive. For patients, it’s also inconvenient. So in 2008 we established Evolution Homecare. Now, thanks to its proven track record and an expanding nationwide infrastructure, Evolution Homecare has quickly become supplier of choice for clinical homecare services to the secondary care sector and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The service’s approach to home healthcare is pioneering, combining pharmacy, logistics, technology and nursing knowledge. This means it can offer a wide choice of care, from delivering and administering medication for complex secondary care conditions to supporting thousands of patients across the UK to live more positively.

In other words, Evolution Homecare guarantees personal support that meets the needs of customers and patients alike.

  • Supports the healthcare professional, commissioners and patients
  • Dedicated patient services team
  • Patient-centric and value-added compliance and concordance programmes
  • Supports more HIV patients in the community than any other homecare provider
  • Patient management systems provide a framework for the entire administrative process from registration to prescription / stock management and reporting.
  • Provides an opportunity to understand and validate patient needs.