Our approach

It’s widely accepted that the NHS needs to deliver more with limited resources. We understand the need to link primary and secondary care services to help keep patients out of hospitals.

However, we also understand the importance of preventing ill health altogether, or managing it at an early stage. Celesio UK works with every major hospital in the UK and reaches around 17,000 patients in their homes.

Through our group companies, at Celesio UK we provide vital services that support primary and secondary care:

  • We work with every major hospital in the UK
  • We reach 17,000 patients in their homes
  • We provide more than half of all commissioned outpatient pharmacy services in the NHS
  • We deliver 15 million items every week
  • We deliver 67 per cent of NHS generic wholesale requirement
  • We are the only private company delivering pharmaceutical services to Mental Health Trusts
  • We provide medical solutions for 60 prisons.